Team Work with XELOS

Advance your Projects - Together

Assemble a team with coworkers from different departments and let them work collaboratively. Optimized results thanks to professional project management tools: Create and moderate project spaces, work together on documents and be able to retrace your team's steps thanks to versioning. Share your knowledge in WIKIs and start a friendly exchange with our forums.

Create Project Spaces

Project groups make your projects better. You don't need a lot: a few clicks allow you to start a group and choose the tools you need for your team. Flexibility is key. Adjust the space exactly to your needs. 

Decentralized Teams

Connect teammates from different departments or locations easily. A project group allows everyone to work together right on your platform.

Invite External Players

You don't have to create accounts for external players like PR agencies or stakeholders - allow them to access certain groups or documents only for feedback.

Team Documents

Share the Workload

Add any important documents to your project group and work on them with your team.


Our document management system (DMS) allows you to save documents and create different versions of it, showing the file's progress.

Microsoft 365 / Office Integration

Access your Microsoft files directly from XELOS and save them without having to download anything.

Easily Share Documents

Drag&Drop documents into your group to share with your team and make sure everyone will always access the most current version of it. You can also share documents outside of your platform with a public link.

Quick Task Delegation

Task Management, but Smarter

Create and Monitor Tasks

Draw up tasks for yourself or your teammates, adding important info like deadlines and sub-tasks and delegate them. Finished tasks can be archived with a single click. Use our new, practical KANBAN board to keep an eye on everything!

Social Collaboration in XELOS

XELOS adds high benefits for your every-day collaboration with our smart tools. Mention a coworker in a comment, like a post, share documents or chat with an expert. Make your team work better with XELOS.


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