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Reach every one of your coworkers and colleagues with our improved editorial and collaboration tools using XELOS 10 - in our brand new design!

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Flexible software that adjusts to your needs. Used world wide, designed and supported in Germany, for almost 20 years with more than 300,000 users. Fast, modern and powerful. Use it on PC, Mac, on your phone or tablet.

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Discover the extensive applications that companies, agencies, educational institutions, teams and organizations use and trust.

Communicate easier

Quick chats, collaboration through micro blogs or thematic discussions in forums - with XELOS you take your internal communications to new heights.


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Collab without borders

Organize group projects, invite coworkers into discussions, delegate tasks and add to documents together.


Nahtlose Integration

Knowledge, centralized

Whether you want to stay in the loop with news articles, need to look up important directions, or keep on top of project details, customer data and vital documents - build your knowledgebase with XELOS and stay organized

Knowledge Management

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